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Compatible Astrology for Happy Relationship & Love Marriage

It is said that love is such a feeling which is being provided more importance in comparison to any other feeling. Because it is said that love is such a feeling created by nature that it is having the capability to change your whole life the way it changes it depends on this feeling because it can either change your life in a positive manner and can provide you a new way of living life or it can also take your life on the negative way in which you may feel like you are totally doomed and you get depressed and due to which they take such actions which makes them regret later and due to this it is said that love can either be most invincible feeling or it can also be a most fragile feeling of this world. Love is said to be such a feeling in which both partners cannot be parted from each other for long term and this has made problems one of the most common parts of this feeling. But, as all people know that problems play a role of slow poison in each and every kind of relationship, and due to this reason these problems are also responsible for the dead-end of any kind of relationship.

It is said that in today’s period each and every person is suffering from one or another problem in their life and when they start facing problems in this kind of important relationship also that directly affects to their life. And due to this reason, people have now started to take the help of the art of astrology and in order to solve such problems, astrology is having the art of compatibility from which one can know whether he or she is with their soul mates or not. And it is said that Science studies which are made on the basis of natal charts of the one in order to know anything about relationships then it is known as compatibility. Mostly, this art of astrology is being used in the matter of marriage. Because, marriage is not any other occasion of life if the relationships end it only affects to both of couples but, if any marriage fails then it affects to both families and to society also and due to this reason this art is advisable to take into consideration before taking any kind of step related to marriage.

It is said that this factor of matching horoscopes and checking compatibility in this factor of marriage is being carried out by people since a very primitive period of time because, since ancient time of period astrology is playing a major role in people life. With the help of this process of compatibility, you can also know different kinds of problems which you can face after marriage and not only this but, you can also get solution of such problems.

The significance of various aspects incompatibility are as follows:

  1. Varna: It is said that this star provides us the rank of personality or self-esteem. And not only this but, you can also observe Natural Refinement here.
  2. Vashya: It is said that this star of the fellow can provide us information of the most important cause which is said to be an attraction between two partners.
  3. Tara: it is said that in this start the angels check the matter regarding income because it is also considered as one of the most important aspects.
  4. Yoni: In this star of the fellow, you can get the information related to sexual compatibility between partners because, after money, it is the most important factor.
  5. Grah Maitri: here you are able to make predictions related to friends and family.
  6. Gana: The nature of the fellow can be known with the help of this star.
  7. Bhakoota: With the help of this star you can get the information related to off spring.
  8. Nadi: with the help of this you are able to gather the information related to affection or love of both partners for each other.

It is a word that in this process of compatibility there are total 36 and out which you can be scored some details regarding it are provided below:

  1. If you got points between 28 to 36 is considered a fabulous match.
  2. If you got points between 20 to 27 is considered a pretty good match.
  3. If you got points between 13 to 19 are considered a normal match.
  4. If points go below 12 then it is the worst matches.

So, this is the only way from which one can have a problem-free, happy, and healthy love relationship or married life. So, if you are facing any kind of problem in your married life then you can take the help of Jyotish in Ahmedabad because according to our survey he is the only astrologer who is having knowledge regarding this art of astrology.